Aomway Growler 5.8G VTX 5W 48CH samll and strong fearless of interference


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Aomway Growler peak output power  more than 8W ,  rated output power is 5w.   The lower the ambient temperature, the more output power u can archive 

Adaptive RF Circuit,automatic detection antenna,and adjust the output power. u  no need to check the antenna when u power on VTX 

Three cooling methods :

    1. CNC Aluminum alloy shell      2. over 25000 rpm fans ,  is 4 times air volume of the regular vtx fan   3. PA heat sink and buttom vortex 

    all these  can be make the PA  output  power more than 5w very stable  

If the Smart audio  Rx pin cable on VTx is connected with FC, then the button doesn’t work.

Input Voltage     7~36V
Output    Voltage 5V
Channels    5.8G 48CH
Power      25mW/500mW/1000mW/5000mw
Control      IRC Tramp OSD / Buttom
Weight    26g
Size  37.5*28*16MM
Consumption     12V/2W
Package Includes 1 x VTx; 1 x silicon cable





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