Aomway Windseeker FPV drone detection system


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Aomway customization function :
1. The attached ordinary antenna can detect all drones within a 2km range. By using an antenna array, all drones within a range of 6km can be detected. Through customized algorithms, it is possible to distinguish whether it is a self destructing drone or a reconnaissance drone 

2. Scan the spectrum of 4.9GHZ-6GHz with just one click, and display the top 10 signals with the highest intensity in real time. When the strength of a certain signal exceeds the set threshold, an alarm will start (the signal strength threshold can be adjusted)
3. Scan the signals in the 868MHz and 915MHz frequency bands with one click, and display the top 5 signals with the highest signal strength in real-time 。When it is necessary to interfere with one of the self destructing drones, one frequency point or the entire frequency band can be selected, and a signal generator and an external 10W power amplifier can be used to accurately interfere with the drone’s ELRS system, forcing the drone to crash.


Product Function Signal Source and Spectrometer

Frequency range: 30MHz~6000MHz

Maximum frequency span 6200MHz

Frequency accuracy of 0.01MHz

Power accuracy of 0.01dBm

Frequency stability 0.5ppm

Sweep frequency from 0 to 6000MHz

Scanning bandwidth 100KHz, 200KHz

Internal attenuator 0-30dB

Wave impedance 50 Ω

Dynamic range 120dBm

Minimum bottom noise<-100dBm (below 2GHz)

Maximum input power 10dBm

Maximum input DC voltage 25V
4-way Marker or Peak markers support peak tracking function
Signal capture and monitoring in the 30MHz-6000Mhz frequency band of the Sweep mode
Hold mode supports maximum hold and average hold

signal source

Frequency range 23.5MHz~6000MHz

Power gears -4dBm, -1dBm, 2dBm, 5dBm

Frequency accuracy of 0.01MHz

Frequency stability 0.5ppm

Power stability<0.5dBm

Output signal sine wave

Wave impedance 50 Ω

Background noise<-90dBc

Display 4-inch TFTLCD touch screen

Input/output interface SMA inner hole

Power supply interface Type-C

Charging voltage DC-5V

Battery capacity 3000mAh

Battery life>4 hours

Charging time<3 hours

Product size 100 * 73 * 22


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