Aomway zw_2 loitering munition AI autonomous driving, identifying and attacking targets


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     Aomway zw-2 loitering munition , when it’s take off , no need for human intervention, automatic attack throughout the whole process

Parameter configuration

Wing span: 1.8 meters

Length: 1.6 meters

22 inch propeller

Head diameter: 0.1 meters

Takeoff weight: 16.5kg

maximum payload : 6kg

Takeoff method: Ejection

Maximum cruising altitude: 3000 meters

Cruise speed: 93.6km/h

Minimum speed: 86.4KM/h

Maximum level flight speed: 144KM/h

Turning radius: 100 meters

Maximum climbing speed: 6 meters/second

Maximum dive angle: 60 °

Battery life: ≥ 120 minutes

MAX Voyage: ≥ 150km

Attack speed: 216KM/h

Body material. Carbon fiber+epoxy resin+epo composite material

Radar reflection area:<1 m2

Thermal infrared characteristics: None

Sound characteristics: No obvious sound characteristics, cruising decibels below 70 decibels


Visual guidance parameters

Number of axes: X,Y ,Z

Turning angle: 45 °

Pitch angle: ± 45 °

Optical zoom: 10x

Focal length 4.8-48 millimeters

Field of view: 62-7.6 °

Target detection type: vehicle/person. Prioritize attacking vehicles

Minimum target size: 36×36 pixels, around 500 meters for automatic recognition of household cars

Anti occlusion time: ≥ 3s


Target detection type: buildings, vehicles/personnel.

AI recognition rate: buildings greater than 95%, vehicles 90%,

Minimum target size: 30×30 pixels, within a radius of 500 meters from GPS coordinate points, able to accurately identify vehicle targets

Two independent satellite positioning systems(head and tail), each capable of supporting Galileo navigation in Europe, GPS navigation in the United States, and Beidou navigation in China. When cruising at altitudes greater than 500 meters, they can effectively counter GPS deception signals from the ground.

If u need more longer voyage , we can provid the Skywalker PD26 60cc oil fixwing,  its can fly over 500KM,  maximum payload over 25kg .

 Add  the 20 Tops  AI card , its can attact the mobile targets with a speed of less than 100km/h,terminal guidance accuracy< 1m




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